Introduction: Print on Foam Microphone Windshield

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This is quite a trade secret as there are companies that you often need to pay a load of cash just to have them print your logo onto a microphone windshield while in reality if would only cost you few bucks and just moment of your time.

All you need for this instructable is:

- Logo design ready for printing

- An Inkjet Printer

- Scissors

- Microphone

- Microphone Windshield

- Dark tshirt transfer

Step 1: Printing

First of course measure the area or size that you want your logo to be on the windshield. And print it on a dark shirt tranfer and not a transparent transfer as there is bit of different in the material. The method of transfer is like flex printing. Also make sure the transfer is a high quality like rubber and not cheap ones that are paper. Its easy to test it just by cutting a piece and trying to stretch it to see if its rubber or paper.

Step 2: Cutting

For he design you its easier to transfer one single piece but you can make it more special being small pieces and show foam between them.

Step 3: Placing

If you want to put small pieces we advice to use a cheap glue stick that does not stick well, the rub that onto the baking paper that you get with the transfer paper. Glue the logo onto it and enable to move it easier in place then trying to place it onto the foam itself as its quite hard to do so and able to place it on the right spot. And then transfer it over to the windshield.

Step 4: Tranfer

It advisable to put the foam onto the microphone so it keeps it shape and stretch to the right shape, then trying to transfer it without it. And then just gently go over it with a hot Iron for about a minute and it will tranfer the logo onto the foam and then just remove paper and you are done.

Step 5: Why?

Why would you want to do this? Well got people shooting tv show with a reporter holding a microphone this is an easier way to get a more professional looking mic that being full black with nothing on it. And a microphone flag is bigger but because its too big and when traveling it takes up allot of space in your bag.

But this is also useful for certain companies and events organisers to have a custom foams on their microphones. To have a nicer look plus representing their company or event being much more noticeable.

But also for singers this might be interesting to have a custom foam their could use when they are performing have a more custom look for your own microphone.

And also for Wedding when the couples and people are giving speeches it might be interesting that the mic have their names on them.

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