Print Your Own Halloween T-Shirt Using Lumi

Introduction: Print Your Own Halloween T-Shirt Using Lumi

Last month we're selected to participate into Lumi night at Makespace Madrid. Instead of following the regular tutorial steps, I decided to create a custom T-Shirt using some hand cut stencils and some sunlight.

Step 1: Draw Your Shape

To outline the Halloween drawing I recommend your to try different shapes and expressions in a napkin.

Step 2: Draw the Shape in a Large Sheet of Papel

Now, scale the drawing to a A4 (or letter) paper. Paint outside and inside cut lines to identify where to cut. Try to create a simple drawing as we'll be creating a stencil!

Step 3: Cut the Shape Using a X-Acto Knife

Using a X-Acto knife cut both the inside and outside shapes. As we'll be moving our design to the t-shirt we need to keep the shape together, so keep in mind to leave some joins between disjoint pieces. Make sure to insert a piece of wood inside of the t-shirt to help it keep shape.

Step 4: Attach Design to T-shirt Firmly

Make sure there are no ripples below the design and keep it in place using 4 clippers.

Step 5: Apply Lumi Paint

Attach the roll and apply a generous ammount of Lumi until it covers all the holes. Remove excess of paint and ...Ready for sunlight!

Step 6: Let It Sunbath for 20-40 Minutes

Depending on sunlight let it sunbath for 20-40 minutes outside. If it's cloudy, let it curate for at least 25 minutes.

Step 7: Handwash It Using Inkowash

As we've no washing machine or even hot water at the moment, I had to opt for a simple solution. I turned my coffe machine on without coffe and poured hot water and cold water alternatively on the design, washing it heavily. As Inkowash is a quite strong detergent I recommend you to use gloves to prevent skin irritation.

Step 8: Let It Dry and Enjoy Your New T-shirt

Once your design if washed it's time to let it dry and enjoy it!

Lumi is a very interesting and creative option to print your own clothes and I really enjoyed our Lumi afternoon along my colleagues at Makespace Madrid, discovering what work and what does not ;)

Next step, it to make those eyes blink using conductive paint.

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