Printable Vinyl Laptop Skin




Introduction: Printable Vinyl Laptop Skin

When we found out how to make a laptop skin and stickers, we'd thought to give it a try. The vinyl we used was printable, it wasn't the 3M vinyl wrap. With the printable vinyl you have to be more flexible and creative on how you want to decorate your computer. Even if it's just one solid color or many stickers! We will show you how to we put together our laptop skin!

Remember: this is your laptop so decorate it the way you want it! Just Do Your Best! Don't worry about getting it right the first time that is just how we learn.


All You Need...

Laptop(after all what is a printable vinyl laptop skin with no laptop)

Printer (what does printablemean if there's no printer)


Ruler/Tape Measure

Paper cutter (optional)

A design (your own or from online)

Printable vinyl sticker paper

Laminate (pick a size that works for you)

Note: You may have to use more than one vinyl sticker paper to fully cover your computer. A little humor can help someone smile.

Step 1: Pick Out a Design

Pick out a design or pictures that you want on your laptop skin! Think about how you will put your design together. Lay it all out in your head, put your creativity to the challenge. You will need to Measure The Dimensions.

Note: We used Microsoft Publisher to edit the pictures we've used, but use whatever that suits you!

Photo name & date taken: Fireweed For Jelly was taken in July of 2020. This picture was not used during this process.

Step 2: Measure the Dimensions

Measured the width (from side to side) then length (from top to bottom) of your laptop. Estimate the size for pictures that you want for the design. Rethink about how you want to put together the design.

Note: We found it difficult to cover our laptop all the way when using one specific design and two papers. So we changed up how we wanted to decorate our laptop. Again, it is good to be flexible and creative. Use your creativity and imagination!

Step 3: Get Ready & Print

First, turn on the Printer, then your computer's internet. Remove the copy paper; just have it out of the way. Align the printable vinyl sticker paper with front-faced (picture side) down in the paper tray. The adhesive is supposed to face up. The paper won't be completely flat like copy paper, expect it to curl. Place the paper tray back in the printer. Last, when you're ready, click Print!

Step 4: Trim & Lay It Out

Using scissors and/or a paper cutter to cut out or trim off the unnecessary material. It takes some patience and conscientious (con·sci·en·tious). When finished cutting and trimming, lay it all out and make sure everything looks good for you!

Note: the image may look, seem, or be uneven.

Step 5: Peel & Stick

When you're ready, it's time to Peel & Stick! Expose the part of the adhesive and carefully place the paper where you want it. When it is aligned the way you want it, slowly peel while you use your fingers to cease the creases. You may have to correct the image several times until it looks right, but that's alright. Just don't give up too easily. Got the first one on.... The others ones are on now! You may need to trim or cut along the extra material that might be hanging overhead.

Step 6: One Extra Step (Optional)

We had to cut a part in our design so that the laptop could be opened with the possibility of the design being messed up. This won't apply for everyone's computer (for example a Mac) so that is why this step is optional. We used an x-acto knife, but as long as you are careful, you can probably use a pocket knife or retractable knife.

Step 7: Apply the Laminate (Optional)

Expose the part of the adhesive and carefully place the laminate where you need it. When it is aligned the way you need it, slowly peel while you use your fingers to cease the creases. You'll be doing what we did with the vinyl paper. You may have to correct the image several times until it looks right, but that's alright.

Note: Laminate may be optional. You may leave it off just in case you want to change your design later. You can decide because once the laminate is on, it will be on permanently. The laminate protects the picture from spills or scratches on the picture. It is kind of like a screen protector except it is for vinyl. The laminate is like a super heavy duty tape, once it sticks to something it is really hard to peel it off. Therefore it can cause damage to certain items that may be near or to the print out on the vinyl. No photo available because we did not apply the laminate.

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