Introduction: Printer Scanner Light -RED GREEN BLUE

First off get yourself a broken new-ish printer with a scanner. If  it is not new you will get a white florescent tube which are cool and useful but we want the led scanners.

-grab some screw drivers/ tools that will get you into the scanner  

Step 1:

open the scanner, there are many useful things in here, a stepper motor, glass, and the scanner light.

Step 2:

Locate the light, take it apart untill you access the contacts be careful not to break it

Step 3:

Here is the tricky part.
You have to locate the pins that control the LEDS-
- Typically there will be a positive lead and three leads that control RED, GREEN, and BLUE. The positive terminal is usually on one of the ends, followed by the other 3 (negative) inputes for color.

solder on wires

Step 4:

Have fun! you can mix colors and pulse width modulate them to dim/mix them .

The red seems to draw a different current/ voltage than the green and the blue, iv fried the red at 6v- 0.3 amp