Printer&Scanner Display Boad

Introduction: Printer&Scanner Display Boad

In this guide I will step by step show you how to take apart a printer, and create a display board. This will require basic equipment (screw drivers, small and big, torq-set.), and some patience. Make sure you have enough clean an open space to put the parts in an order.

Step 1: Removing All Removables.

The first step is to detach anything that is holding on clips, springs, and is easily removed or pulled out. This will allow to reveal the inside of the printer. This involves going through top an bottom, back and front sides, as well as anything which is available to be detached. Take out the colour cartridge, and remove clip which holds it.

Step 2: Top, Then Sides

Next step is to fully take apart the lid of the scanner. Since it's been unclipped, you can work on it separately, although avoid cutting or removing the wires. Further unscrew the section with the motor. (To access it you will need to remove the plastic gears). Unscrew the motor and detach the wiring.

Step 3: Sides

The next task is to detach the sides. the first layer is clipped, so you can carefully pull it apart, with a screwdriver pushing out the clips. Remove the buttons by unscrewing the panel with them. Then further the inside can be unscrewing, removing gears on one side, and motherplates, operating with buttons of the printer from the other.

Step 4: Working With the Heart of the Printer.

The next part requires pretty simple steps. Starting from top to bottom, and screw and take off the remaining plastic and metal parts. Pull out the cables and rods.

Step 5: Working With the Smaller Parts

Last step involves piece by piece taking apart the remaining parts. This is usually unscrewing combined parts, pulling out the remaining wires and pulling apart any smaller parts that are clipped.

Step 6: Setting Up and Gluing.

For the last step, space out your printer on a large sheet of paper. Calculate, using a ruler, how much does in average space is taken by all parts. Further on, cut out a wooden HDF(so they'll be able to bear the weight). Set it up on a wooden part. Starting form the biggest parts, glue together using a glue gun the parts with the wooden surface.

Step 7: Final Look

Here is the final look of the display board

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