Printing Colored Text in Python Without Any Module

Introduction: Printing Colored Text in Python Without Any Module

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After my second Instructable was deleted accidentally, I decided to make a new one.

In this one I will show you how to print colored text in python!

Step 1: The Codes


TGREEN =  '\033[32m' # Green Text
print (TGREEN + "This is some green text!")

We see that after the green text is printed, the whole shell changes color!

To combat that can we use this?

TWHITE = '\033[37m'

print (TGREEN + "It doens't reset!" , TWHITE)


It turns all the text white...and a different type of 'dull' white if you see it carefully.

If you want to commit your code to GITHUB, then many people using your code may have a customized Python Shell with probably YELLOW or Something as their text/background color!

So the answer is:

ENDC = '\033[m' # reset to the defaults

print (TGREEN + "Das ist es!" , ENDC)

Step 2: Usage

The usage goes like:

\033[code;code;codem  # put 'm' at the last
\033[code;codem  # use semicolon to use more than 1 code


\033[m   # reset

The list of the codes are in the next step.

Step 3: List of Codes

The pictures says it all....though you might find THIS helpful!

I did not mention backgrounds but you can find it HERE.

Just in case you were curious about the code in the intro, here it is.....on GitHub!

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