Printing on Leather




Introduction: Printing on Leather

While you cannot print directly on leather from a printer, you can still create a printed message on the leather. By the way this also work on other non-paper items, like wood.

Items needed:

Laser printer


"Blender" pen from an art store.

Smooth Leather or Vegatable tanned leather or other solid object

Step 1: Print and Cut

Print your message on a laser printer. Inkjet will not work. When printing be sure to mirror the image, so that it prints backwards.

Cut the words or picture out and leaving enough space around the side to hold onto the paper firmly.

Step 2: Use Blender Pen

Turn the paper over and place on the leather, being sure to align it properly. Once you use the blender pen, it is permanent. Run the blender pen over the paper pressing moderately hard so that it soaks through the paper. Hold firmly onto the paper so that it does not wander. Once the blender fluid reaches the ink on the back of the paper it liquefies and transfers to the leather.

Step 3: Transfer Image to Leather

Lift the paper off carefully. The leather will be damp with the fluid. It will dry as if it was never there. Now you have a printed image on the leather!

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6 years ago

I tried this three different times on leather with no success. The only thing that happened was my leather was damaged. It seemed like the leather melted to the paper. I was using a black and white stencil type image from an HP laserjet printer and pure acetone with a cotton ball. Any tips?


Reply 5 years ago

acetone doesn't fact it will melt the stain used on leather...use xylene instead


5 years ago

It used this process for my 3rd anniversary gift for my wife. In doing so, I learned a lot and have some helpful hints:

1. use xylene, not acetone! Acetone may be effective for some printers, but not the hp that I was using. In fact the acetone melted the stain out of one of the leathers that I was using...which ended up being useful later. The blender pen is basically straight xylene. Silentscribe......this is probably what happened to you.

2. Modify the image before printing. Aim for a "bright" image. If there is a lot of ink on the page, then the solvent will turn it into a puddle of ink and it goes everywhere, so I used MS photo editor and brought up the shadows and increased brightness.

3. Go sparing with the solvent. If you flood the back with xylene, the ink travels, distorting the image...the blinder pen is probably good for this part.

4. Let it patient. Leave the paper on there for 10 min.

5. Expect your first try to be terrible. The first time you do anything it looks terrible.

6. Use pale leather....this is basic image logic, but the image comes out best when you have good my case I was able to pull out a bunch of the factory leather stain using acetone leaving a paler leather to start with.

7. The same solvent that transfers the image can also remove the if it came out bad, erase it and try again.

8. Secure your piece....I taped the leather to the table and the paper to the leather...duct tape worked fine.


7 years ago

Will this work with a color Laser copy?


Reply 7 years ago

Yes it will work, but you may have trouble with lighter colors showing up.