Lightbox for Expose PCB

Introduction: Lightbox for Expose PCB

Ever want to make a uv lightbox to expose your PCB?
I gone explain how you make a handy and professional lightbox for less money.

UV light is bad for your health, avoid long exposure to UV light
UV-A lamps are best to use for your light box.
UV-B are the most harmful to your health, do not use these lamps.
UV-C: This lamps are too weak to expose your boards.

Step 1: Materialen / Materials


- Two face tanner, total 8 UVA lamps (4 UVA lamps is more than enough, but if you want to illuminate printboard faster or larger 8 lamps much better )
- 15mm MDF
- digital Timer (with countdown function)
- swith on/off
- Glass ( glass from a picture frame) 40x30 cm
- + 5mm foam 56x32 cm
- Aluminum foil or mirror 30x30 cm
- Two-drawer slides
- piano hinge 40 cm
- Screws 3.5x35
- Wood Glue
- close contact glue
- plug
- electric wire
- 4 rubber legs

Step 2: Hout Afmetingen / Wood Dimensions

The reason that I've chosen MDF is because it has a nice smooth surface and its easy with finishing.(and its cheap.)

MDF Parts:


A - 530x340x15
B - 530x340x15
C - 560x340x15
D - 340x105x15
E - 560x60x15
F - 560x120x15
G - 300x30x15
H - 530x35x4

Part 'B' has on both sides a groove of 15mm deep and 6mm high.(see photo)
the groove also depends on the guides that are going to use.

Step 3: MDF Bak / MDF Case

Once your wood is cut to shape you going to make the case, see photos for further instruction.

Step 4: Elektronica / Electronics

I use 2 face thanners.
total 8 fluorescent lamps, 4 Transformer and 8 Starter

on the pictures you can see how I connect the lights and switch.

LED schedule:

Step 5: Lade / Drawer

Now we make the drawer with a layer of foam and glass.

See photo's for further instruction.

Step 6: Einde / Finish

Last your gone mount the MDF box on the tray with screws on the sides,
the reason you do that with screws is that when a lamp is broken you can replace it.

See photo's for futher instruction.

Step 7: Eind Kosten / Final Cost

The price is an average of the most important things you need, many of these things you have lying around or you can get somewhere cheap.

- Two face tanner, total 8 UVA lamps - euro 8.00
- 15mm MDF - euro 7.50
- Digital timer (with countdown function) - euro 6.99
- Switch on / off - euro 1.00
- Glass (glass from a picture frame) 40x30 cm - 3.99 euro
- + 5mm foam 56x32 cm - 3.00 euro
- Aluminum foil or mirror - euro 0.00 (used from face tanner)
- Two-drawer slides - euro 5.50
- Piano hinge - euro 2.50
- Screws 3.5x35 - euro 3.99
- Wood Glue - euro 4.00
- close contact glue - euro 5.00
- Plug - euro 1.20
- Wire - euro 1.00
- 4 rubber feet - euro 1.20

Total cost: 54,87 euro

I work at a D.I.Y. shop, so I get a discount on al the stuff i bought there.

This is my first instructable I hope you like it.

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    6 years ago on Step 7

    8x15 watt? you mean 8x8 watt right? ;-)


    Dear David,

    May I know what's the technical specific of UAV lamp that you're using in your DIY.. and if not mind where did you get the UAV lamp...

    thx and appreciated your reply

    Phil B
    Phil B

    12 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate this. Giving the text in both languages is helpful. I do not think the translation program got "expose your boards" right. In the Dutch text where 'boards' appears in the English translation, the original word is usually belichten, which I understand to be illuminate. It is the same in German as Dutch. But, boards are slabs of flat wood.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I think the right word is expose (belichten) instead of illuminate (verlichten). I think a Instructable shout be in English be course this is an English site. However I speak Dutch there are many language I don't understand. So keep the site only in English please.

    Phil B
    Phil B

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    David, I am not sure what English word to suggest because I was not certain of the meaning of the Dutch word "mee." Perhaps it is the same as the English word "me." Do not worry about your English. I have visited Germany and tried to communicate in German. Speaking (or writing) in another language is difficult.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I come from the Netherlands, I think it is important that people from the Netherlands also understand my instruction.

    Phil B
    Phil B

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I just looked at this again. I think you changed the title. Now the reference to 'board' makes sense.