Introduction: Professional Grade Duct Tape Bike Leg Strap

Guess what happens when you wear loose, flappy pants and then go for a bike ride?. You're riding along and suddenly your right pant leg gets sucked into the gears....then you wind up with a pair of shredded pants and/or a trip to the hospital. However, there is a super easy solution. A solution so simple, the only reason anyone wouldn't use it is because they're too lazy to go down to the nearest bike shop and spend $5. But never you can do it for free without even leaving your home!

This instructable details one way of making a simple, professional looking strap out of duct tape, featuring a strapping tape core and velcro. There are as many ways to do this project as there are pant legs, so be as creative as you want.

* Duct Tape
* Strapping Tape (optional)
* Velcro Patches (optional)
* Scissors

Step 1: Prepare Your Tape

First off, determine how long you want your strap to be. Wrap something around your leg, and have at least 3 or 4 inches extra so it can overlap nicely. My strap ended up being about 14" long.

Now, if you want your STRAP to be nice and durable, I suggest using...STRAPPING tape. Heh heh... Anyway, strapping tape is great, if a bit pricey (like $7 a roll). But if you already have some, it'll make a good core to wrap duct tape around. I cut my  strip in half, and stuck the 2 halves together. All you need to do is make a tiny notch in the end, then rip it lengthwise.

So when you put your strapping tape pieces together, be patient or it will turn out badly. Now you'll need a piece of duct tape that's about 2" longer than the strapping tape.

Step 2: Assemble the Strap

Once again, there are a couple zillion ways you could do this, but this is how I did mine.

Lay the strapping tape down on the sticky side of the duct tape. Try to center it as best as you can, but if it's crooked by a tiny amount it won't really affect how it looks in the end.

Now cut some slits so you can fold the end of the duct tape in over the end of the strapping tape. Then you can trim away the extra and fold the long sides of the duct tape in, one over the other. Be sure to trim off any fibers dangling out, so the tape won't fray.

If you get wrinkles, you can probably smash them down with a fingernail. If they're big, you may want to start over, but this is the inside of the strap so you won't ever see it anyway.

Step 3: Place the Velcro

You probably want the side of the strap with the seam to face inside. Therefore, put the hook part of your velcro on this side. Ideally it will be at least 1" long and as wide as your strap. I had to cut mine to make them fit properly. Leave a half inch orf blank strap at the very end so it's easier to peel off later.

Now put it around your leg, to figure out where you want the other part of the velcro. This part should be as long as possible, to maximize the adjustment range. Make sure the two velcro pads end up on opposite sides of the strap.

Don't get the velcro adhesive dirty, and press it on nice and hard.

Congratulations, you're done! Now put that thing on and go for a ride!