Introduction: Program Arduino With Phone

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In this intractable I will show you how to Program Arduino using your android phone.

I am going to use a female USB to female USB cable because I had two USB extension laying

around so I decided to make this instead of using OTG cable. So basically we will be making

a OTG cable with the micro USB cable and female USB to female USB cable.You can use an

OTG cable Instead if you like. If you decide to us an OTG cable instead you wont need a micro

USB cable.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies you will need.

1: Smart phone.

2: Arduino. Any Arduino will work just might need different cables.

3: Female USB to female USB Cable.

4:USB Typ A Cable.

5: Micro USB Cable.

Step 2:

Search Arduino Programing app in your device's app

store such as the Google Play Store. Now You will want to tap

on the app that looks like the image above then tap

install once it is installed you will need to launch the

app and then set your arduino app to the right arduino

bored such as Arduino uno.

Tip: If this app docent work with your device

there are other app that will also work.

Step 3:

Connect the cables just like the image above.

Connect the USB type A cable to the USB to USB cable.

Then connect the other side of USB type A cable to your Arduino.

Connect the USB side of the micro usb cable to your USB to USB cable.

Then connect the micro USB cable to your Smart Phone.

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