Introduction: Program ChipKIT DP 32 With Arduino IDE

What you need: A ChipKIT DP 32 microprocessor (all cords included) and a laptop

  1. To program a DP 32 without a programmer device (Chipkit PGM), i.e. with arduino IDE, it needs a Memory Resident Program; first step is to upload this Memory resident program called Bootloader on DP 32.
    1. Install MPLAB X IDE on you laptop or computer.
    2. Download and extract (unzip) the Bootloader
    3. Create a new project > Microchip embedded > Prebuild (Hex, Loadable Image) Project
    4. Browse the extracted bootloader file from downloads as the Prebuilt Filename
    5. Select 32-bit MCUs (PIC 32) > PIC32MX250F128B
    6. Select ChipKIT programmer as the hardware tool
    7. Name the project, set it as main and hit finish
    8. Click "Make and Program Device Main Project" to upload the .Hex file to DP 32
  2. Download and install (If you don't already have it) the latest version of Arduino Software which will be used to program the DP 32 microprocessor
  3. Install the ChipKIT core within the Arduino IDE by going to File > Preferences > Settings > Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  4. Paste this URL into the Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  5. Click OK, go to Tools > Board > Board Manager menu, search for ChipKIT and install the ChipKIT Core
  6. Now your Arduino IDE is ready to program DP 32 and your DP 32 is ready to get programmed without a programmer device
  7. Create a new file from scratch or use the existing examples in Arduino IDE to program the ChipKIT DP 32 Microprocessor