Introduction: Program Esp -01using Arduino

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To program esp8266 is kinda though because it doesn't have inbuilt USB to ttl convertor or any reset button.


1.Arduino(any) or USB to serial convertor

2.push button

3.esp8266-01 board

4.jumper wire

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Step 1: Configuring You Ide for Esp8266 Boards

1. Open Arduino ide and go to preferences(option/ctrl+,)

2. Paste the given URL from this GitHub page in additional Boards Manager.

3.Open Boards Manager, search for esp and install the latest version of esp8266 board for esp ccommunity.

Step 2: Connecting Esp-01 Board to Arduino

1. Connect 3.3v to Vcc and CH_En pin of esp.

2. Connect GND to GND

3. Connect GND to GPIO 0 before powering esp-01 to boot into programming mode.

4. Connect Rx to Rx and Tx to Tx of esp module.

5. Connect Reset pin esp to one pin of push-button and another to GND.

Step 3: Uploading Code to Esp Board

1.Connect Arduino and upload the blink program from EXAMPLES>ESP8266>BLINK

2.Select generic esp module and correct port

3. upload the code

4.hold the push button when complying the sketch

5. release the button switch when it says connecting