Introduction: Program the Intel Edison Using Wyliodrin (Intel IoT)

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This is an Instructable that will program the Intel Edison using the Wyliodrin system. The Wyliodrin system allows beginners to enter the world of IoT with little to no coding or technical knowledge.

Step 1: Materials

What we used for our project.

1) Computer that is connected to the Internet.
2) Intel Edison plus the expansion board
3) Intel Edison Grove Shield
4) L298n motor driver
5) 4WD Robot Smart Car Chassis Kit
6) 5x 18650 Lithium ion batteries

please note that the L298n needs 7v-35v.

Step 2: Installing the Intel Edison Drivers on to Your Machine

Download the drivers from Intel Edison Website.

The Edison is cross-platform it supports Windows, Mac, Linux

For this project we used Windows

  1. To setup up the board follow the tutorial on Intel's Site.
  2. Next install the drivers for your specific operating system from the drivers page.
  3. Follow the correct installation for the Edison from these instructions.
  4. Once all the drivers are installed please restart your computer to finish the installation process.
  5. Find the USB Serial Port of the Device and connect your Edison by using Putty or your favorite applications.

Step 3: Install Wyliodrin on the Edison

    Enable your Edison board to access the internet by following these steps.

    1. Go to Wyliodrin website
    2. Sign in with your preferred account such as Google, Facebook, or Github.
    3. Once you log in to your account add a new board to your Wyliodrin account.
    4. Provide your wireless credentials to connect your Edison online.
    5. Plug you USB's to your computer to power and to copy the intall_edison & wyliodrin.json.
    6. Then enter these commands one at a time.

    • mkdir /media/storage
    • mount -o loop,ro,offset=8192 /dev/mmcblk0p9 /media/storage
    • cd /media/storage
    • sh

    Note: This would take a while (up to 30 minutes)

    Wait for the Intel Edison to appear online.

    Step 4: Start Programming

    The L298n Motor driver needs to be connected to 4 pins on the Edison. Those pins control which motor and which direction it will spin. We have used pin 2,3,4,5 for the L298n in the following manner:

    • Pin 2 - Motor A Clockwise
    • Pin 3 - Motor A Counterclockwise
    • Pin 4 - Motor B Clockwise
    • Pin 5 - Motor B Counterclockwise

    Feel free to add this to any project that you may want to develop. See picture for sample code.

    Have Fun!!

    Team Tango

    David Ponzi

    Paul Calinescu

    Alamin Aziz

    Arzu Yildiz