Introduction: Programming the Open DSKY

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Welcome to our on-going Instructables on Programming your Open DSKY.

Make sure to come back as this Instructable will keep growing as we constantly produce and release new programming material. So follow it, like it and favorite it.

This series of videos are an extension to the OPEN APOLLO GUIDANCE COMPUTER DSKY Instructable.

The best way to reach us with questions and comments is via our site.

Our Open DSKY is currently live on Backerkit and available from our e-commerce site.

Bill Walker (creator of the Apollo Educational Experience Project), has written an amazing custom software (with nearly 50 functions) with a Command Reference modeled after the Apollo Flight Plan for his 2 Open DSKYs and is making it available exclusively to all via his GoFundMe page.

Please consider supporting him.

Step 1: Testing the Neopixels 2/17/18

In this 30 minute video, James explains how to:

- Install the Arduino IDE

- Get the Adafruit Neopixel library

- Troubleshoot a bad NeoPixel

- Run the Standtest demo.

Step 2: Reading the Keyboard 2/18/18

In this 30 minute episode, James shows:

- How the Keyboard is physically wired

- How to divide 5 Volts into 7 (or 8) slices

- How to poll the keyboard and debounce it

- How to ensure freshness of data collected

- Guaranteeing accuracy by checking the input twice (like St Nick).

Step 3: Controlling the 7 Segments Using the Maxim 7219 Shift Registers 2/19/18 (2/20 Already If Computer on UTC)

Here is the 3rd video in our series, where James explains how to download the Maxim 7219 (LedControl) library and modify the example code to make use of all 21 7 segments + the 3 3 segments on your Open DSKY.

The .ino Arduino source code example is included for your convenience.

Step 4: Controlling the 7 Segments Using the Maxim 7219 Shift Registers (continued) 2/22/18

In this 20 minute installment, James starts with a good explanation of the schematic showing specifically how we wired the Max7219 Shift Registers.

He then shows us how to make any of the 7 segment display any character using the LEDControl library.

He also shows how to get our unique custom 3 segment to display a plus or minus character.

The resulting .ino code is included below.

Step 5: Intelligent Data From Gyro to 7 Segments

Under construction...

Come back soon!