Introduction: Project 4 - Map an Electronic

This project is focused on the Raptor New Bright F-150 RC toy that I found in Goodwill. In this project I will be looking at what goes on inside the toy, and show how I disassembled each part of the toy.

It should also be noted that this toy was missing a single screw and it's remote, so I won't be able to say exactly what parts do what, but through inspection I should be able to make an educated guess on what each part does.

Step 1: Removing the Body

In order to get to all the other components we have to first remove the body of the car. To do this you'll need a pretty long Phillips screw driver in order to unscrew the top screw.

Both screws must come out in order to remove the body correctly.

Step 2: Exposing the Motherboard

To make things a little easier we'll go ahead and expose the motherboard, then detach the motherboard in the next step.

In order to do this unscrew the screw found where the blue circle is, then pull back the flap found in the red circle on the picture above.

Step 3: Removing the Motherboard

Unplug the front and back wheels from the motherboard.

Then cut the positive and negative power connectors from the motherboard.

(You will most likely have to solder the connections after this step in order to use the car again)

Finally you will have to pull the flap pointed out in green and lift the motherboard up in order to completely remove the motherboard.

Set the motherboard aside for later examination

Step 4: Remove the Front Wheels

Flip the RC car over

Pull the flap back and lift the wheels from the frame

Step 5: Inspecting the Front Wheels

The front wheels are turned using a servo motor, a small board is fashioned onto the motor that tells the servo which way to turn.

The ted dial on the underside of the front wheels is used to determine how far the wheels can turn to a certain direction. If the dial is to the left then the wheels can turn to the left more, and the same goes for when the dial is on the right.

Step 6: Removing the Rear Wheels

There are 7 different flaps that all need to be pushed out in order to get the top off the the rear wheels casing, once you manage to get that off we can inspect the rear wheels.

Step 7: Inspecting Rear Wheels

The rear wheels are also powered by a servo motor, and use the gears to get more torque from the car.

Step 8: Inspecting the Motherboard

The motherboard uses a toggle switch to dictate if the car is on or off.

Once turned on the antenna received signal from the controller on what actions to complete.

Step 9: Reconstructing the Car

Follow the deconstructing instructions from last step to first in order to rebuild the car