Introduction: Project P.A.W.S.

May I proudly present 'Project P.A.W.S.', that is, 'Portable Armoured Weapon System'

It is my first attempt at developing my own k'nex weapon, and was the result of a week of holidays with nothing to do.

As the name suggests, they are 2 robotic arms bristling with weaponry.
the left arm is a modified k'nexecutioner 1.02 with one 30 shot belt, and weighs about 2.5 KILOS!! (that's 5 ish pounds for you yanks)
The right arm has a semi-auto 7-shot k'nex rifle with 10 shots, a Disc launcher V2 (3 shots) and a NFS sniper (only single shot), and is a lot lighter.
one annoying thing is that you need 2 people to put both arms on, because as soon as you put one arm on, you can't use that hand to attach the other.

This project has long since been scrapped, and so I won't be posting :(
I might do a v2 one day though...
*** UPDATE UPDATE*** The V2 has officially been started, and is at the 'concept' stage. Currently has eight weapons planned, and will be a single arm-mounted device. New features will include:
-     Detachable/jettisonable secondary weapon systems
-     Armour plating/shielding
-     MORE weaponry than last time :D
-     sleeker, more compact, more aesthetic design
-     awesomeness!
note all features are 'parts permitting', and no, I have not built it yet. There may be an 'Ible. MAY.

hope you enjoy :)