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Introduction: Project Phobos

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Project Phobos is a little nickname I have given to a Panic Track I created using Audacity. Simply put, a Panic Track is a form of Stereophonic Tone that consists of two tones of different Frequencies which, together, can induce fear & panic. This Instructable will teach you how to make Project Phobos.

WARNING!! I have tried exposing myself to Project Phobos. I lasted 1:43 and then had to turn it off. Afterwards, I was Panphobic & Paranoid for about 15 Minutes. You have been warned of the side effects; USE PHOBOS WISELY!!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

To create Project Phobos, you will need:

• A Computer
• A Copy of the Editing Program Audacity
• An MP3 Player OR CD Player
• A Pair of Speakers and a crowded area OR Earphones and a Gullible Person

Step 2: Create the Conflicting Tones

After installing & setting up Audacity, click on the Generate Tab and click on Tone. When The window comes up, change the frequency to 800 Hertz and the length to 3600 Seconds. Repeat again, except this time set the frequency to 500 Hertz.

NOTE: The Software WILL take a while to generate these tones.

Step 3: Create the Stereo Effect & Increase the Volume

Locate the Pan Control Slider on the Track Controls; It should be on the very bottom. Slide one all the way to the Left, and the other one all the way to the Right. (It doesn't matter which one.)

After that, locate the Volume Control Slider on the Track Controls; It should be above the Pan Controls. Move these Sliders on both the 800 Hertz & 500 Hertz tracks all the way to the right. This will increase the eventual Volume when we get to the Fade In.

Step 4: Create the Build Up

Go into the Edit Tab and click on Select and choose All. Then, go to the Effects Tab and select Fade In. Again, this MIGHT take a bit due to the length of the Track.

Step 5: Make the Mp3 and Use It

Go under File and go to Export as MP3. Save it wherever as whatever you want. Then, play it on an MP3 and/or CD Player either over speakers in a crowded area or over earphones after tricking a gullible victim.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    it's a nice easy to do, project. But, how is this scary. although it did feel lonely hearing it. but, no panic attack, kept listening to it for 2 to 3 minutes. But, it ws nice though.. :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It works best if it's listened to in stereo. If not in earphones, then with speakers pointed directly at the listener.