Introduction: Project Robot Bug - With Wii Nunchuck

Project Robot Bug

What the robot must have:

Moving object, led licht

The robot material must consist of 3 different types of material

3D printers are required in the process of making this project .

Step 1: Project Parts & Assembly Steps

list of parts needed for this project

- Arduino uno or another version of the arduino family

- breadboard

- wii nunchuck

- laptop

- connector wires

- led lichts

- 2 servo's

- material for 3D printing

- 9volt power supply battery

Step 2:

the nunchuck has 4 wires coming out

yellow - this is the data wire that goes to the pin number A5

green - this is the data wire that goes to pin number A4

red - this is the power 3.3v wire

white - this is the ground wire

attach these wires to the arduino uno

then attach the mini servo's to the arduino

the mini servo has 3 wires

oranje goes to digital pin 12 or 7 ( depends on where it is stated in the sketch for the output to be) in my sketch it is at pin 12 and pin 7 for 2 mini servo's

red - power 3.3 v
brown - ground wire

pin 13 is for a led licht and this works with the Z button on the nunchuck

pin 8 is also for a led licht and works with the c button on the nunchuck

when you have everything attached you can upload the sketch en have fun with this project

Step 3: Wii Nunchuck Sketch for Arduino

wii nunchuck sketch for arduino uno

include's 2 servo's and 2 led lichts

libraries contains ArduinoNunchuck .ccp and .h files

sketch_apr02.ino is ready to use in your arduino

Step 4: 3D Printing En Laser Cutting the Casing for the BUG

Here I 3D printed a wheel base for my robot bug

After that I went and laser cut a casing for the arduino

For the last step I assembled the robot together with the servo's and a led light on top

of it like a really creepy bug .

I have algo attached the file for the 3D printed wheel and the laser cutted casing for the arduino uno.

Step 5: Prototype Test

the end result and test will be uploaded on 07/04/2016