Introduction: Project Sketch Up

Hi my name is Ernan and i'm here to show you how to use certain tools in sketch up in order to make other things but i'm gonna show you how to build a house.

Step 1: Foundation

Ok so the first thing you want to do is make a foundation so with the shapes tool i want you to click once then drag it diagonally to make a shape.

Step 2: Making a Cube

After you have made your foundation the next step is to use your push/pull tool to raise the shape and make it a 3D object.

Step 3: Step 3: Make Your Roof (door, Windows,color Optional)

make a line on top of the cube then use your move tool on the line to make the roof and ta da you have your roof

Step 4: Doors and Windows

the Doors and windows are optional but if you want to make them you can make a rectangle/ square and then use the offset tool to make the frame then you use the push pull tool to bring the frame out.