Introduction: Project X Knex Sniper Rifle

My first fully complete sniper rifle. This is only version one my sniper but trust me it will get better. I wanted to show what I was making so I could finally get something on my page.
The sniper that I call Project X has some ideas based off a few different guns. Mainly Ironman's retractable stock. Project X also has a 10 round mag (Even though it can hold more sometimes it gets pushed out and everything then goes wrong.) A Bipod that is also removable. (The bipod however I did not make. It is from the Park 52 knex sniper which was the_burrito_masters.) The final thing that Project X has is a removable front grip. (It can be slid up and down some but sometimes it is flimsy.)
With thinking about new ideas and firing systems comes my trigger. I could not figure out how to make a good working trigger so I made one in an old musket flintlock style.
Over all I think it is a good gun. I have not quite maxed out the power but with just one rubber band on each side it goes about 7-10 feet. I know that it doesn't sound far but remember it is with one band. Sometimes though it acts flimsy in parts by the mag and the rear handle but in the upcomeing versions those problems will be fixed.
Please leave as much information about either how good or bad it is. All comments will be taken into consideration when working on V2. I will more than likely not post instructions for this version but the more comments that I get for improvements and mods will help.