Introduction: Projectile-Launching-Boredom-Busting Pen

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This is a guaranteed way to make you (and some classmates) laugh if you let this baby fly while you college science professor drones on about the newest discovered isotopes. It is really simple to make and is disguised as an innocent object, a pen!

Step 1: Step 1 - Gather Your Materials!

Here are the easy to find things you will need.

1) a pen

2) tape

3) A segment of a straw measuring 2 inches

4) a rubber band

You will not need to use any tools to assemble this modern machine of war unless you use scissors to cut the tape.

Step 2: Step 2 - Assembly!!!

Now comes the second funnest part, the assembly! Take the top off the pen and remove the ink cartridge. You will not need the spring if there is one. Tape the rubber band to the end of the pen then tape the straw on top of it. Insert the ink cartridge into the straw and pull the rubber band back put it on the end of the straw and pull the ink cartridge back and release it and it will take flight. Do not aim at anyone's face or any part of their body it will hurt.

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