Projection Screen for Pico Projectors for Under $1.00 and Under 5 Minutes

Introduction: Projection Screen for Pico Projectors for Under $1.00 and Under 5 Minutes

Get a foam board from your local walmart /target for under $1.00

Step 1: Get Cardboard

Get some cardboard from your local grocery store for free, or from boxing lying around you house.

Cut them into identical rectangles,almost any size will work but the length should be 2 to 3 times longer than the width for a more stable stand.

Step 2: Cut Slits

cut slits into the cardboard as shown in the picture.
3 slits should be identical while 1 is the opposite

Step 3: Cut More Slits

cut 2 small slits onto your foam board.

this will allow you to slide your foam board onto the cardboard you cut earlier.

Step 4: Put It Together

connect all the piece together to get your projection screen!

Step 5: Get a Pico Projector

Get a pico projector. most will work fine. I have the aaxa p4 pico. Its the latest and brightest pico projector available.

Step 6: Project and Enjoy!

get a pico projector like the aaxa p4 and watch your pictures/videos/presentations virtually anywhere!

obviously this is a very simple instructable BUT you can always get BIGGER boards, Paint a square outline around it to make it look more professional and it wouldn't cost much at all.

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