Introduction: Outdoor Projector Screen With Stand

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Today we are gonna build this outdoor movie projector screen. You can use any size screen you want and even use it indoors if you wanted. When using different screen sized just scale down the frame we explain here. Ours was made for outdoor use and is a 150 inch screen with a built on stand to support it.


Step 1: Measure & Cut

We need 14 total pipes for this build. To cut them we like to use this metal pipe and tube cutter.

  • (3) 12ft pipes
  • (2) 7ft pipes
  • (2) 7ft 2 inch pipes
  • (3) 4ft pipes
  • (2) 2.5ft pipes
  • (2) 2ft pipes

Step 2: Connect the Horizontal Pipes

Lay out the 12 foot pipes vertically and the 7ft 2 inch pipes horizontally between each 12ft pipe. Connect the top 2 7ft pipes with a 180 degree connector in the center with a 12ft pipe going down the middle of the connector. Add a T connector on each end of the outer 12 ft pipes connecting them to the 7ft horizontal pipes.

Step 3: Connect the Lower Horizontal Pipes

Measure from the top of the 12 foot poles 8ft, and add the 7ft pipes horizontally with a T connector on the ends and a 180 on the middle.

Step 4: Add the Legs

Use a T connector on the end of the 3 vertical 12ft pipes and add the 4ft legs to the bottom.

Step 5: Brace the Legs

Using the 45 degree connectors, brace the legs by adding the 2 and a half pipes and the 2 foot pipes below them.