Introduction: Projector Stand and Other IKEA NORBO Mods

I decided to publish the history of my projector stand because, in my opinion, it's worth its price and your effort and it's really easy to build.

Step 1: IKEA NORBO Wall Table

Dear All, I am really excited because it is my first instructable. First of all, sorry for my English – I’m not the everyday English speaker.

I decided to publish the history of my projector stand because, in my opinion, it is worth its price and my effort. It is really easy to build – requires only: IKEA NORBO wall table, drill, handsaw, sanding paper, few screws and two additional hinges (Original NORBO table set includes 3 hinges, but we will use only two of them. If you have additional one of the same size it will be ok, if you don’t have such, you will have to buy 2 other the same hinges).

At the end of my instructable I will also show 2 other NORBO projects that I utilised in my appartment.

Step 2: Project

In my instructable I used pictures from the original IKEA instruction with the shown numbers of assemble steps to make it easer to follow. Some comments are visible on the pictures.

My hint is to assemble all the parts of the table first, to imagine in what places cuts should be made.

During building my stand I cut parts in inappropriate places and had to drill some additional holes to make the final assembly. Drilling holes to assemble Ikea furniture sounds a little weird ;-)

Step 3: Cutting

To make the modification you need handsaw and a drill. To round the corners and finish edges sanding paper is needed. I used orbital sander which makes work easier (and more pleasant).

Please don't think that electric saw is the only way you can cut wood. Methods of the XX century still work ;-)

Step 4: Putting Parts Together

After cutting and sanding edges (rounding two corners) I put all the parts on the floor. On the second picture you can see which parts are used on th e next step. Third picture presents parts from the second picture but on the appropriate positions. Fourth picture is the first time I saw my creation as it should look on the wall.

Step 5: Assembling Parts

Top table is nothing special to assemble. You will have to drill holes to mount hinges, but it is really easy.

On the pictures I showed the buttom table with hinges that I bought in the building shop.

As you can see in both countertops I made holes for cables.

Step 6: Mounting on the Wall

Photos show how I mounted tables on the wall.

The bottom table fits axactly under the top table. Funny that you dont't have to worry of the horizontal dimmension because it will be ok "automatically".

Step 7: Second NORBO Variation

This is the working table for my doughter. She called it "DIY table". She can close the countertop and still have some space to put the sewing machine.

If she opens the countertop she receives the working space which is really comfortable.

This project is really usefull for small appartments.

If you want to use it, except for NORBO table, you need two EKBY VALTER brackets I found in IKEA store.

Step 8: Third NORBO Variation

This project differs from the original NORBO table, because it was shortened. Further I drilled holes for cables and finally I made additional shelf for printer. To make the shelf lighter I put it on the string ;-)

The weight of the printer makes the bottom shelf really stable. In case of a need I can close the shelf because it is on the hinges as in case of the bottom table in the main instructable.

As you can see I screwed to the top table a IKEA TROFAST container (without one side which I cut off with my handsaw) which is a great place for printer paper.

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