Introduction: Projector

materials: Magnifying glass, box, Xacto knife, pencil, scissors, tape, and a ruler

Step 1: Step One

get a box (it needs to be big) and trace a circle around the magnifying glass. (note: I would recommend getting a smaller magnifying glass than the one used in the photo), in this case, I have two magnifying glasses for a better resolution, but you don’t need to have two.

Step 2: Step Two

get your Xacto knife and cut out the traced line.

Step 3: Step Three

get your magnifying glass and tape it on the box

Step 4: Step Four

you are done with the box, but you’ll need to make a stand for your phone. Get a piece of cardboard and cut 2-4 cm wide and a height of 10-12 cm around strip of cardboard, you’ll need to fold the cardboard piece about ¼ of it, then you’ll need a smaller strip of cardboard with a height of 3-6 cm and a width of 1-3 cm, also you will need another strip and you will need to fold it in half and tape it in front of the stand, you should make two.

Step 5: Step Five

you will need to place the stand in the box like this and now you are done

Step 6: Requirements

you'll need to be in a dark room for this to work, you’ll need to turn up your brightness on your phone all the way up. You can move the position of your phone for a better resolution. And when you put your phone in the box you’ll have to flip it upside down.

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