Introduction: Build a Very Tall, and Sturdy Cat Tree

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Hi folks !

My cat is awesome !

I've make for him a big cat tree

Step 1: Supplies

To make this instructables you need :

  • Pine wood (board and batten)
  • wood and metal shelf bracket
  • rope 2 kind
  • 3 Europal
  • Old cat tree for piece
  • Light buble and mansion jar
  • wooden beer crate
  • Lot of screws

You'll need the folowing tools too :

Jig saw, drill

Step 2: A Strong Europal Base

Cut the 3 Europals,

Save the feet and lath and screw them as shows the picture and diagram

I'll add diagram soon

Step 3: The Structure

Add a squared piece of wood on the center of the top base.and fx it with screws. You'll have to use later anoher square piece of wood in same size for the top of your cat tree.

draw the thickness of the wood batten you'll use for structure and screw metal shelf bracket on each corner as seen on the first picure. You ca now add wood batten on each metal shelf bracket then add floor to you cat tree.

For mine, i've chosen to add 2 floors.

1st floor : Cut the same piece of those you've used for the base and cut off the corner like on the third picture to include the wood batten to the structure. Add metal shelf bracket on each corner and screw them to the the middle of the wood batten.

2nd floor (rooftop) : make the same piece used for the base and screw it at the end of the wood batten.

Step 4: Kennel

I've used on this part an old cat tree slavaged on the street which looked like the first picture.

Screw the kennel below your first floor. you can add holes on the kennel.

Step 5: Scratching Post

It's a very important step if you don't want your cat to scratch home furniture !

To make scratching post, roll rope over the structure batten and fix it with screws.

you can screw amazon bought scraching post on the pallet base too.

you can add cardboard home-made scratchnig post that you can make folowing this instructable.

Step 6: Platform

To make Platform, use shelf bracket and wood offcut and screw them where you want on the structure.

I've used severals kind of shelf bracket the cheapest made with laminated wood are the strongest and won't become distorted like metal one.

You can add wooden beer crate on a side of the tree to make a cat bed.

Step 7: Lighting

you can add lamp made with mansion jar based on this instructable.

I've chosen old light bulb because I love the light they generate. This isn't the most ecofriendly solution but my cat loves the warmth they produce and they contribute to heat my lounge.

Step 8: Cat Test : Ok

My cat loves his tree and spends a lot of time on it. He likes standing on platform and watch the bird through the windows

Thank you very much for reading, I hope your cat will loves you work.

If you liked this intructable and if you have any questions or tips please leave me a comment and don’t forget to vote for it :P !

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