Introduction: Prop Candelabra

Things you will need
  1. Dollar Tree margarita glass
  2. Dollar Tree flute glass
  3. Dollar Tree candle jar
  4. 2-3 Dollar Tree over the door hooks
  5. E6000
  6. Spray Paint (I used a metal one from Rust-Oleum
  7. 2 pairs of pliers
  8. 1 clamp (or wrench)
  9. (Optional) decorative wire piece

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Base

  • Take the margarita glass and turn it upside down
  • Take the round jar and put E6000 around the opening of the jar
  • Flip the round jar on to the base of the margarita glass and glue them together

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Upper Half

  • Take the metal wiring and the long flute glass
  • Glue the underneath part of the metal wiring
  • Place the long flute glass wear the glue has been placed
  • Allow time for them to dry together

Step 3: Step 3: Details

  • Take the over the door hooks and take off the label
  • Grab 2 pliers
  • Begin to bend the part that hooks to the door back and forth until it breaks off
  • Repeat 5x

Step 4: Step 4: Curling the Hooks and Gluing Them On

  • Take the hook and the plier and the a clamp (or a wrench in my case)
  • clamp the end of the hook and using the pliers bend the hook so that it will fit onto the curve of the metal wiring
  • Then take the E6000 and place the glue on the inside of the newly curved hook
  • Place the hooks under the curved part of the metal wiring so that the glue is able to set in place
  • When the glue is set, take the whole upper part of the candelabra and glue it to the base with the opening of the glass.

Step 5: Spray Paint

  • Let the E6000 set and cure for 24 hours
  • Then take the spray paint and cover the whole candelabra.

Step 6: Review

Overall I think this turned out really well! The detailing looks great and I am thinking about adding touches of gold to the edges to give it more dimension. I think I could have done better with the hooks, and gotten one more of the over the door hooks so that each piece of wiring would've had a hook attached.