Introduction: Propane Fire Pit

A simple modification I made to an old fire pit I had. It's nice to sit around the fire without the smoke and cleanup and on snow days it's great to warm up the hand during playtime.

Step 1: The Fire Ring

I made the fire ring from 1/2" copper pipe and fittings.

1.  I used 5  elbows,  3  t-pieces  and  one 1/2' female fitting to connect to a male brass air quick coupler.

2.  The first fire ring I made was  small and the nozzles to big. I made the ring  bigger and found that 1/16" nozzle holes work well ( I did have an air mixer on, But found it gave me a smaller bluer flame removing it gave a nice big yellow - orange flame). TIP: Nice video on what a flame is

3.  All the fittings are soldered on with the standard flux and solder for water pipes (I have not had any problems with that yet)

4.  Using a hole saw I cut a hole in the bottom of the fire pit and installed the fire ring through it and used some aluminum foil to seal up the hole.

5.  Next I added some sand up to the bottom of the fire ring and then the lava rocks.

Step 2: The Propane Pipe.

I wanted the Fire pit to be somewhat portable so I used quick couplers and flexible pipe.

1.  The fire ring is held to the fire pit frame with a hose clamp.

2.  I took a propane regulator and added a female quick coupler to it. To the hose a female on one end and a male to the other.

3.  I used an old garden hose reel box with the reel drum removed to hide the propane tank.

4. I also put the flexible pipe through some PVC pipe to protect it from the sun and other damage ( this is just where the flexible pipe is exposed ).

To light the fire pit:
1. With the propane CLOSED squirt some fire lighter fluid over the fire ring and up the side of the fire pit and light it.

2. With flames in the fire pit SLOWLY open the propane valve, make sure the propane ignites.

I have been using this fire pit since the spring and have had no problems.

I recently changed the fire pit stand to  "retaining wall blocks" this lowered the fire pit to get more heat when we are seated.

BE SAFE and enjoy.