Introduction: Propane Tank Wood Stove for $5

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This wood stove was solely made from

1 lb propane tank

4 nuts/bolts

3 in Copper pipe section

Tin wire solder


blow torch

angle grinder(cutoff wheel)


NOTICE : The pictures of the flame where not caused by wood which means that it does not look as well as it can in the picture. when you are burning wood there will be a bigger flame.

Step 1: Empty the Propane Tank

It is vital the propane tank is completely empty before you cut the top off. i used a blowtorch adapetr to drain any excess gas. This step is key , ignoring it can result in an explosion. I don't take any responsibility for actions of this project if the precautions aren't taken.

Step 2: Cutting the End

I used an angle grinder with a cutting wheel to take of the top section of the tank. The walls of the tank are very thin so it only took about 2 mins to completely take the top off.The next step is to sand the inside and outside of the cut area. This dulls the edge preventing accidents.Your propane tank should look like the one above

Step 3: Drilling the Holes.

I drilled the holes while the tank was in a vise so it didn't slip away.Once the four holes are evenly spaced and cut i put the 4 bolts in. I secured them will the nuts , then I tightened with a wrench.Your stove should look like the one above.Once this is complete you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Drilling the Chimney Hole

I used a 1.5 in hole saw to drill the hole of the chimney. once that was complete I sanded down the paint. Then added flux cleaner. This creates a clean surface for the tin wire.

Step 5: Attaching the Chimney

ONce you have cut and cleaned the hole for the chimney , i cleaned the copper pipe section with flux . then you are ready to solded using tin solder.The reason i used tin is because it has a higher melting point than regular lead alloy solder .The tin will not melt if you do this step correctly.You must make sure that the pipe is wider than the hole so the tin is never exposed to too much heat. if you lyer enough tin on around the copper pipe ist will be secure and ready to use.

This wood burning stove can be used for camping or just you back yard. It is versatile and compact. It was also relatively easy to make and use. Thank you.

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