Introduction: Cheap Propeller Powered Arduino Car

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Hello ! :)

In this instructable I'll show you how I made propeller powered bluetooth controlled car. It is cool toy you can make from just few parts.

Be careful with this, propeller is spinning about 2000-3000 rpm , believe me, you don't want to touch it.

Step 1: Parts

I wrote in the picture which part is which.

Shortly said, you'll need:

- hot glue, a lot of it


-relay shield (or transistor switches, but if you use transistors than you have to change HIGH and LOW values in program because relays are triggering on "0", not "1".)

-motor and battery from cordless drill

-plastic plate from restaurant ( some other stand can be also good)

- 4 wheels

-ball bearings (can be used from skateboard wheels )

-metal rod

- two component glue (epoxy )

-bluetooth module

- and other stuff like paper and color, optional, if you want to do some more on aesthetics.

So, lets start!

Step 2: Making It

I also added potentiometer which is used to determine default position of the wheel, in case it turns in some unwanted direction when you're not pressing anything.

Propeller for motor is glued with epoxy,believe me, it is strong enough.

Tripod stand for motor I made from pens.

To mold the plate I used a torch to heat up the plastic, than I could do what ever I want to with its shape. Restaurant plastic plates are great because they do not brake so easy and plastic is pretty solid.

Step 3: Electronic Part

I made H-bridge with 2 relays, both have one NC (normal closed) and NO (normal open) contact, to make H-bridge connect it like in second picture. Great thing with this H-bridge is that you can't get short circuit, no matter how do you turning relays on and off.

Step 4: Making the Cover and Some Paint Job, and Final Words

I eventually took 6x1.5V batteries for supplying arduino, it last longer than 9V battery, alternatively, you can use 2x 4.5V batteries, they last forever for this use.

This car can go faster than you can run, although it doesn't have some great acceleration, it's really fast and heavy, I think it has about 2-3 kg.

With first program you can turn servo motor as you wish so you can easier adjust servo positions, the second is the main program in car.

Have on mind that program is written for micro servo motor (Ebay). Propeller is also from ebay, $3, 5 peaces:

Application for android is:

You can also download my android application (attached below) if you want, but I prefer to use the one from market.

Also, the main code has some "garbage", I recently made bluetooth car so I just add necessary code without deleting old one.

Test run:

Second test run with GoPro:

I'm still planning to add front,back and maybe under-car lights, as soon as I do that, I'll update this instructable.

Thanks for watching!I

If there are any ambiguities, just post in the comments.

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