Introduction: Properly Changing Brakes

This is how to properly change disk brakes on any car with disc brakes. You need to know how to do basic automotive maintenance in order to do this.

List of Materials Needed:
-New Brake Pads and rotors and shims.

- Anti-seize and a silicone based grease.

- Required wrenches or sockets.

-a hook to hold the caliper up somewhere in the wheel well.

- Channel Lock Pliers or C clamp locking pliers.

Step 1:

-Jack up the vehicle with a jack at one of the lifting points on your vehicle(Check your car’s manual for the correct lifting point) . Put a jack stand under the vehicle by a frame rail in order to be safe.

Step 2:

-Remove the wheel.

Step 3:

-Remove the bottom bolt of the brake caliper and flip it upwards.

Step 4:

- Compress the Piston with channel locks or the locking pliers.

Step 5:

-Remove the Caliper and hook it on to a spring or strut as to not put Stress on the Flex hose.

Step 6:

- Remove the Brake Caliper Bracket and the brake Pads.

Step 7:

- Remove the Brake Rotor(Some vehicles have a Phillips head or Torx screw holding the Rotor on).

Step 8:

- Clean any Rust around the hub with a wire brush, and put anti seize on the hub. Then place the new rotor on the hub.

Step 9:

- Reattach the caliper Bracket and place new shims on the bracket.

Step 10:

- Put a Silicone based grease on the Caliper slides and shims.

Step 11:

- Put the new brake pads on and put some silicone grease on the back sides of the brake pads. Reattach the caliper.

Step 12:

- Put the wheel back on, remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle. Using a torque wrench, torque the wheel to the correct specification(Refer to your vehicle’s manual).

Step 13:

- Pump the brakes before you set off so you have brakes the first time you stop.