Introduction: Properly Fold a Sheet Set

So I've been working on redoing my closet and I wanted some way to keep my sheet sets all together. I liked being able to grab one set and have everything I needed. This tutorial will walk you through how to fold a sheet set for storage.

Step 1: Start With the Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is the worst sheet to fold. I've always had issues with it. But, this simple technique makes life so much easier.

Lay the sheet flat on the floor with the outside down.

Fold it in half by pinching two of the corners and matching them to the other wise. Tuck the side closest to you into the corner. The picture has an accurate depiction.

Lay this on the floor. Then fold in half and half again until you have a nice size rectangle.

Step 2: Next the Flat Sheet

The flat sheet is the next easiest.

Lay the sheet on the floor, exterior facing down.

Fold in half long ways. Then fold in half short ways.

Fold the remaining rectangle into thirds.

Step 3: Put the Fitted Sheet and Flat Sheet Together

Place the folded fitted sheet in the center of the flat sheet lengthwise.

Fold the flat sheet into thirds, around the fitted sheet.

Step 4: Fold the Pillowcases

Lay the two pillowcases on top of one another, lining up their edges.

Fold into thirds.

Step 5: Package

Place the fitted and flat sheet package in the middle of the pillowcases. The open edge should be facing up. Lifting that edge, fold the pillowcases in together.

Step 6: All This Into This

This is the finished product!

A queen sized sheet set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases packaged into a size perfect for storage.