Introduction: Prosciutto, Goat Cheese and Figs Spaghetti

A very quick and simple recipe that consists of little more then chopping the ingredients, perfect if you want something fancy but done feel like doing something lengthy or complex. The dish is excellently balanced with the creamy goats cheese excellently complementing the salty Prosciutto and the sweet sliced Figs.

Step 1: Ingredients

120g spaghetti
120g sliced prosciutto
100g dried figs
75g crumbled goat cheese, divided

salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
Basil to garnish
drizzle with olive oil.

Step 2: Prepare the Spaghetti

Picture 1. Place pan of water on  the stove add some sort of oil, here i used truffe infused olive oil

Picture 2. salt and pepper the water and then wait for it to boil

Picture 3. add Spaghetti to boiling water then cook for the lower time shown on the packet 

Picture 4. once cooked leave to stand

Step 3: Prepareing the Prosciutto

Picture 1.  Heat up the pan

Picture 2. use a small amount of oil, allow this oil to heat up 

Picture 3. once the oil has been heated up, added the Prosciutto

Picture 4 allow the prosciutto to cook then add in the Sliced figs and caramalise them slightly 

Step 4: Adding the Goats Cheese

Picture 1. before draining the pasta you need to collect a 1/4 of the pasta water 

Picture 2. after you have set aside some of the water the pasta boiled in you can drain the water (its not really nessisary and if you forget you can use just water)

Picture 3. Keep the Prosciutti and the Figs hot 

Picture 4. Add chopped up Goats cheese 

Picture 5. Add the small measure of pasta water it will allow the goats cheese to melt and mix properly 

Picture 6. You can now add the the Prosciutti, the figs and the goats cheese to the drained pasta you should mix thoughtly  

Step 5:

Finally top with a garlish of basil, some salt and pepper, then lightly drisil with olive oil.