Introduction: Prosthetic Arm Arduino

Made By Joey Pang Kieuw Moy G&I1C

This arm is made for people who are on a budget but still want a prosthetic arm with functions.

Step 1: Coding Hand

This code contains a Servo, IR Sensor and a button.

The closer you come the more open your hand goes, and when you press a button it also opens up.

Step 2: Connections

Step 3: Hand

The hand is made with lego technic parts, but intended as a 3D print.

The 3D printed hand doesn't work right now, but it is in progress so it can be printed without problems.

Step 4: Casing

The casing is made of wood, with slots for arduino, breadboard and hand.

The sizes are 10 cm wide, 4 cm high and about 40 cm long