Introduction: Prosthetic Glove to Aid With Grasping for Individuals With Paralysis in the Hands (Concept in Progress)

This lightweight and form fitting glove will aid a wearer with the grasping ability. Instead of using heavy, bulky and un-natural mechanics to do this, the glove will act as a 2nd skin and function in a way that is anatomically similar to the human form.

The glove will mimic the grasping ability by connecting lines that run up the anterior side of the hand and forearm to the fingers, mimicking the tendons of the hand. The other end of the lines can be anchored to the forearm creating a tenodesis like function for users with wrist extension, or pulled via an actuator for those without.

The ability to grasp is one that is missed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. If this problem could be helped by developing a lightweight, inexpensive and unobtrusive glove, it could greatly improve their lives.

This instructable will show my process and progress in designing this glove.

Step 1: Create a 3D Scan

This scan was done using Auodesk's free 123D Catch software. It is essential that the subject of a scan does not move which is why I used a mannequin hand during the shooting process. The glove was well lit from all angles and a total of 37 images were taken for the 3d scan.

Step 2: Model Design Using 3DS Max

The purpose of this step is to create a design for the glove. Having he model will make it easier to communicate to the the seamstress what needs to be made and will come in handy for creating renderings.

This step is in progress.

Step 3: Model in Illustrator Also....