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Here's the situation:  You and your sweetheart are walking back to your car after a great movie, when out of the darkness, a thug comes up to you and demands all of your money.  You calmly reach into your pocket, remove your moneyclip and offer it to the robber.

A moment later, you're pocketing your money and walking back to your car.  The thug is where you left him, writhing on the ground in agony.

Enter the non-leathal, but none-the-less diabolical Protect Thyself moneyclip.

Be forewarned... This is not a toy, nor should it be considered as such.  If you would rather be a victim and surrender your money with the hopes that the bad guy will say "thank you", shake your hand and leave, then this is not for you.  If you're the type of person who'd rather defend yourself from lowest element of our society, then be sure you have the training to use self-protection devices such as this.

I'm not responsible for your safety, training or ability to make, or handle or use this moneyclip in a dangerous situation.  If you decide to make it, decide carefully... And use it responsibly.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

The first think you'll need is the attached 123D file, a 3D printer and ABS or Nylon plastic.  If you don't have those or can't have it printed by AutoDesk, I've included dimensioned images so you can make one out of any material you'd like.

A sheet of sandpaper, a 1/8" pop rivet and a strip of .020 Stainless steel measuring 2-3/8" x 1/2"

If you're printing this in ABS, you'll also need a mixture of ABS and Acetone to weld the parts together.  If you're printing with Nylon, the best way to attach the parts is mechanically, using sheet metal screws.

Tools you'll need will be pliers, a vise, hammer, popsicle stick (for the cement) and a scraper or knife to clean the weld line up.

Step 2: Assembly:

The first thing you'll probably want to do is to bend the steel in half.  With the pop rivet resting in the bend, continue to fold the metal around, and with pliers, vise and hammer, form the strip into the shape shown in figure 1.  The curved tips will spread and fit into the pockets on the inside of the clip if you have a lot of cash... Unfortunately, in my case, they'll never have the opportunity to do that:)

Next, cut 5/8" off of the pop rivet.

Sand the inside mating surfaces of the clip and set the metal and pop rivet in place.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of how it's supposed to go, but the next image, showing the cement shows the parts in place.

Once the mating surfaces are coated with cement, put the parts together and clamp it all together in your vise.

When it sets (a few minutes), pull it out, clean up the weld line and try it out.

Step 3: Feel a Little Safer:

In normal practice, it acts just like any other moneyclip.  When a mugger approaches, wanting your cash, grip the clip tightly, crushing the bills inside your fist causing the clip's barbs to protrude.  The barbs are rounded and not knives.

The final picture shows what the perp sees.... "SURPRISE!"

The file can be downloaded at:   AutoDesk 123D

Have fun, be aware and be prepared.

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