Introduction: Protect Your Pi

So, you just received your Raspberry Pi from the internet (I highly recommend Element 14. Quick, easy service. Very good.), and you're worried about damaging it through static, breakage, etc. What do you do? You protect it! In this Instructable, I will show you 2 ways to Protect your Pi. Sorry or the blurry images, my phone camera is the best I have atm.

Step 1: Simple Carrying Case

With this option, you don't get many features, but you get great protection and it doesn't cost much. If your going to be carrying your Pi around with you, I recommend going with this option. It may not look good, and you can't use your Pi while it's inside, but it's definitely a good choice.

Step 2: A Proper Case

If you feel like protecting your Pi and eating it too, then a proper case is for you. This is for someone who is going to keep it on for a long time, as a web server or other, and want to keep dust off it, or for someone who is constantly working with their Pi and need it to be usable and protected. I have one that came with my Pi, and I then covered it in duct tape to make it look cooler. I don't have access to the GPIO pins on my case, but such cases are available for purchase. I recommend either Ebay or Element 14 for R-Pi cases.

Step 3: Descisions

Well, there you have it. Two good possibilities for R-Pi cases that are good for different people. I can't decide for you, so think about what you're going to do with your Raspberry Pi and choose accordingly. I hope you enjoyed my Instructable! Leave a favorite or a comment if you liked it!