Introduction: Easy Chainstay Protector

About: i am 16 year old,soon 17, kid . i am from Serbia . I am now 2nd grade in High School and i like making simple things because i am learning through that. i am really interested in electronics, bikes, and fishing

How many of us love our bicycle? Well, i like it really much. I spent same amount of time cleaning and servicing my bicycle as  riding it. But one of the things i hate the most is scratches. They are everywhere.
Maybe the worst scratch is from chain. it can be so big that you cant cover it. On my old bike its soo ugly that i am thinking of sanding and painting frame . But on new bicycle i dont have that scratch. Why? because i am using chainstay protector. Not fancy or expensiv. Its just an old cloth ( i used it from old jeans) wraped around chainstay and secured with zip ties . Its so simple and efective .
Almost forgot. You dont only protect chainstay from scratches, you also protect it from mud,oil,...

So from materials you will need some old cloth ( piece of jeans,tshirt,etc.)

How to make it ? Take that cloth and wrap it around the chainstay ( if you are using thin cloth wrap it few times) and then take zip ties and secure it.

thats it.

OH btw you can use diffrent materials. You can use electrical tape ( i saw few guys use it , but i dont like it. Electrical tape leaves sticky mess and also you will need a lots of tape )
You can use old inner tube, just wraped it around (also good method, a lot of people use it)