Introduction: Protection Cover for Rifle Stocks

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When you are cleaning a rifle, you can be at risk with the chemical use for cleaning. If the chemicals that you use to clean your are left on the stock of the rifle. It could damage the woodwork of the stock or if you have sensitive skin it could leave a rash on your cheek. I made a protection cover that wraps simply around the stock of the rifle with Velcro straps. So the next time you use the rifle you wont have the chemical on your cheek piece part of the rifle. It really simply to make and to use. This project didn't cost a lot.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

All the materials are easy to get. The only thing I'm not sure if sewing suppliers shop has the Velcro straps that I'm using. Velcro strap that I'm using has the hooks on one side and the loops on the other side is use in the telecommunication world to bound data cables together. I found my Velcro strap in the roof space at work. So it would be likely sold in a hard ware shop or electrical distribute store. When you cut this strap it doesn't fray which is ideal as I don't have any real sewing abilities. The other stuff should be easy to find like needle, thread and face washer.

Parts List:

1. Face washer 33cm by 33cm any colour will do
2. Velcro strap
3. Cotton thread
4. Needle
5. Knife or Leatherman

Step 2: Putting the Cover Together

This step is easy only take about half an hour or shorter depending on your sewing skills. You could use a sewing machine but for a little task like this a needle and thread will do. The photo below show you were the Velcro strap need to go on the face cloth. Then sew the Velcro straps to the face cloth. I'm not sure what stitch I'm using as long the Velcro straps hold to the face cloth, it will do. I have listed below what lengths you need the Velcro need to be. Both Side straps are 7cm from the edge of the face washer. Rear strap and Rear joining strap are 5cm from the edge of the face washer. Trigger strap is 17cm from the edge of the edge of face washer. The trigger strap is on a angle due being wrap around the rifle trigger guard. This angle was obtain wrapping the protection cloth around the rifle before sewing. Photo below completed face cloth.

Velcro Straps Lengths:

Trigger strap length 28cm

Two side straps lengths 40cm

Rear strap length 42cm

Rear joining strap length 7cm

Step 3: Using the Protection Cloth

Well all you do is wrap the face cloth around the stock of your rifle. Your are set to clean your rifle without the risk of chemicals on your cheek piece. Photo below show where it straps goes around the rifle. This cloth should be able to go into the washing machine for cleaning. There you have a simply and effective way of protection your rifle from nasty chemicals.