Introduction: Protective Bag for a Alpine Ski Helmet

Alpine Ski Helmet Bag

I just bought a very expensive Ski Helmet and it didn't come with a protective covering or tote. I know it will take some abuse from skiing but I did not want any damage when storing it or transporting my new Helmet to and from many ski areas. So I set out to make a cool looking and protective bag and wanted to share it with you. It works and it was EASY! It would make a great gift for your favorite skier too!

Step 1: Getting and Preparing Your Materials

Getting your Materials.

Find cheap durable Materials

I was going to use some old utility clothing until I found some great stuff at Wal-Mart. I found all of my material in the remnants area (Left over pieces) in the craft department.
Three types of material were used, Black Fleece, White Nylon, and a Felt-like/nylon backed Orange piece. (OLD SCHOOL TECNICA COLORS) I had them cut a yard in each material. I also bought a 2 pack of cord stops, a spool of black thread and some fine cord.

I spent less than $10 for everything!

Preparing your Materials.

1 1/2 yards of material (I used 3 different types of material of a 1/2yd. each)
Sewing Machine
Cord Stops (only one needed)
And a Craftsman Tape Measure (It must be a Craftsman) Due to the exact measurements needed. ;-)

I am a novice at using a sewing machine and I thought this was a fun and easy project!

So let's get started...

Step 2: Measurements

Take some rough measurements of your helmet and construct a paper template.

My Giro Helmet is a G10 MX with a visor, size Medium.

The Template for the Sides of the Helmet was 12 inch. wide and 14in. long at the longest point and than curving to 4 -6 in. down from the sides of those peces. The second piece was the Orange material and was the center circumference of the Helmet, It was 37 X 6 in. The third "trim" Piece was 2 1/2 in. wide X 37 in long.

Orange = Center Circumference area(1 piece)
White = Trim pc. On top of Center pc.(1 piece)
Black Fleece = Helmet Width (2 pc. needed)

Step 3: Sew One Helmet Length Piece to Helmet Width Piece

Sew one piece of the Helmet width piece to the Helmet Circumference Peice.

If your material has two different types of sides, place the side that you want inside the helmet up and the outside piece together (or inside out) and sew the two sides.

Step 4: Trim Peice

Sew the white 2 1/2 inch piece and turn right side out.

With the seam in the middle, iron this section flat.

Place the flat trim piece in the center of the orange length piece. Seam side down.

Pin the Pieces together. Use the end of the ironing board to help shape the curvature.

Keep measuring and pinning all the way around.

Sew together and try to keep a straight line  this is an outside stitch, so try to keep it clean to the sight.

Step 5: Size It Up

Size it up.

Stitch the other helmet width piece to the other side of the center piece.

Place your helmet inside and make sure it fits with extra material to fit around the top, leaving enough for the cord closure.

Step 6: Measure (Craftsman Tape Measure Needed) Cord

Measure the Cord:

Lay out and measure the cord with some extra depending on the size of your helmet. ( about 37 in.)

Place at opening and fold over enough material for the cord to flow through it freely.

Pin if needed Before you Stitch, cut two holes and pull the cord ends and extra cord through. (you can add gromets)

Once everything is stitched turn "insideout" and check your work.

Pull ends of cord through the cord stop and tie into a knot.

Step 7: Protective Bag for a Ski Helmet


Now you have a Protective Bag for a Ski Helmet.

Thanks for looking and safe travels...


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