Introduction: Protective Case for External Hard Drive

External hard drive are cool, but they are delicate and a falling can destroy it or leave it working bad...

The most hard drive are slim and glossy...easily to skid of hands..and needs two parts...Hard drive and usb's boring and you can lose usb cable easily...

It's easy.. let's go.

Sorry about my english,I am Brazilian.

Step 1: What You Need:

1 - Computer
2 - Internet
3 - Paypal account
4 - $ 6,22
5 - Wait some days...

Step 2: Received Item

Step 3: Examinee Item

Step 4: Inside Compartments

Step 5: Inserting Hard Drive and USB Cable

Step 6: Protective Neoprene

Step 7: Suspend Open Case....

Step 8: Discreet and Very Secure