Introduction: Protein-Packed Pizza - Chicken Margherita

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I found this to be a nice way to get tons of protein in my diet while avoiding bland chicken and vegetable days.

Here's what you need:

Crust (I used a pre-made thin crust from target)

Olive oil

2# chicken (well for me. 1# will work fine, but I wanted more protein)

Dried Basil

Fresh Basil

4-6 small/medium Roma tomatoes (I used 6 medium) cut. You can make them rings or chop them up into 1/4"-1/2" pieces

Fresh basil (I only have small leaves left in my garden. I used about 25)

Fresh mozzarella (1 ball; I used half and then needed to add some)

Bagged mozzarella (1/2 cup (ONLY IF YOU DIDN'T USE A WHOLE BALL OF FRESH MOZZ!!!) because who doesn't want more cheese?!)

Preheat oven to 425° and cook your chicken to temperature. I just cooked it on pan, but you can obviously bake it. IR ovens seem to work very well too.

Step 1: Foundation

Add 1 tbsp. olive oil and spread to cover.

Add dried basil to taste.

Step 2: Vegetable Addition

Add tomatoes and fresh basil.

Step 3: Chicken and Cheese Please!

Add chicken. If there is ANY empty space showing through, you DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH CHICKEN!


Rip up some fresh mozzarella and add to the pizza.

Step 4: Clearly Not Enough Cheese

Add 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella if you didn't use a whole "ball" of fresh mozz.

That's better.

Step 5: Bake

Bake it at 425° for 12-15 minutes. Look for a golden-brown crust.

Let it sit a while. The tomatoes will be molten-lava hot, so don't try eating this immediately.

Step 6: Nutrition Data

Serving = 1/8 pizza

460 calories

13 fat

28 carbohydrates

49 protein (bam!)

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