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This is an indestructible on a prototype chocolate shaking system for home chocolatiers. If you pour chocolate bunnies or any thing else out of chocolate only to find out that when it hardens your left with air bubbles in your chocolate creations? Not to fear, this is a tool that will help you get rid of those air bubbles in your chocolate creations. By Gently shaking your melted chocolate back and forth as it cools this device will remove those nasty little air bubbles that reeks havoc with the chocolate, wax or soap creations. Now you can mold like a pro.

The unit is designed with a rechargeable battery compartment, two switches, one for power and the second to adjust the intensity of the shaking. An adjustable tray that will also double as a storage tray for additional tools that will be included in the final project was also added to the design.

this device in patten pending, and soon will be going to an injection molding company to be mass produced once the control board is designed. All designs for this project was designed using tinker cad, and express PC board software. its a bit expensive to print off this prototype. This project was laid out to be printed on a maker bot 2x.

Step 1: the Base Plate

The base unit consist of eleven parts; Three main parts are the base unit, back plate, and top plate. Additional supporting parts; battery mount, battery cover door and lock assembly, and motor linkage. ( all parts in red). The base unit front panel has the logo molded in yellow. In addition mounting holes for switches. Inside there is a motor mount bracket mounted to the base plate. As well as a molded battery compartment and mounts for the control board. On the right side is located an opening for the rechargeable battery. In the front of the base unit is the three parts that make up the cover for the battery compartment.

located inside the base unit is the bottom motor mount assembly, the control board mounts and the battery housing.

additional parts not yet mentioned are the drive wheel, the linkage arm, and the linkage connecting arm. These parts link the upper tray with the lower housing assembly. The unit measures 195 mm X 115 mm X 112 mm

costs of printing: ( (

base unit ---------------158.00 ............................................... 87.89

top plate -------------------- 81.51 .......................................... 40.39

supporting pieces ----- 88.46 ............................................... 40.92

Step 2: The Tray Assembly

Next was to design a tray that will accommodate a variety of different sizes and styles of chocolate molds. This unit is designed with a spring loaded tray that will accommodate trays from 5" to 13" wide, in addition it will also house a dual layer tray for making chocolate bowls. this tray was designed to ride on top of the base unit on a set of small wheels. the tray is designed with two groves to allow the adjusting arm to move in an out for different trays. in the middle of them are slots to allow the springs to attach to the adjustable arms ( parts in brown). The Tray measures 192 mm X 152 mm X 70 mm. Just to give it a little flair I designed the out side of the tray to look like a chocolate bar.



Step 3: Motor Link Assembly

assembling these three parts creates the drive force for the tray. the drive wheel is attached to the motor. the linkage connecting arm is attached to the underside of the tray assembly. once the top plate is installed, and the wheels are installed to the tray. The linkage connecting arm is threaded down through the top plate. the linkage connecting arm is then installed connecting the drive wheel to the linkage arm.

Step 4: Added Bounus

As an added bonus I designed a decorating bag holder so you can fill the decorating bag with your favorite chocolates.

The circuit board for this project is still in the development stages. but will be added to the inscrutable once completed.

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