Introduction: Prototype - Alarm Device Using a Human Touch Sensor (KY-036)

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In this project, I will be designing an alarm device that will be triggered by a touch. For this project you will be needing a human touch sensor (KY-036). Let me give you a glimpse of this project.

As you can see in the images above, the touch sensor has a pin, bent over the transistor, which will complete the circuit by a touch. The alarm will be set off when you touch the pin of the sensor, turning the LED red and activating the buzzer.

The schematic in the pictures above belongs to the KY-036.


  • Arduino Uno/ Nano
  • USB cable (USB 2.0 Type A male to B male Cable)
  • Solderless Breadboard
  • Human Touch sensor module (KY-036)
  • Two-colour LED module (KY-011)
  • Active buzzer module (KY-012)
  • 10cm male-to-male jumper wires (x5)
  • 70 cm male-to-male jumper wires (x6)

Step 1: Setup

For more information about the setup, please watch the YouTube video posted in the last section of this page.

Step 2: Connections

  • Buzzer module - D3
  • Green (KY-011) - D4
  • Red (KY-011) - D5
  • Digital Output (DO) of Human Touch sensor - D6
  • VCC(+) of Human Touch sensor - 5V
  • (-) of Human Touch sensor - GND (Ground)

Step 3: Coding

The codes can be found in the picture

Step 4: Final Look


You have now completed this prototype. Take a look at this YouTube video to see how this alarm device works.