Introduction: Protruding Folded Book Heart

I've seen multiple folded books. Some are really hard designs, that you have to buy a template for, and then figure out how to do the project all on your own. In this simple, step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to make a cool folded book heart, (with an included template) which requires minimal supplies usually found in the home, and is super easy and fun to make.

Step 1: Supplies

This craft requires not many tools to do, which makes it even easier to make.

1. A hardcover book that has at least 70-72 (sheets means a page front and back). 70-72 sheets are needed for some optional steps which are at the end of this tutorial. The reason you need a hardcover is so the book can stand on its own. You can get your book from the local thrift store or somewhere else. I got mine from the local library for only $1.

2. A template. The template is the heart picture before this list. It is able to be printed by copying and then pasting the image.

3. A pencil. Needed to make marks on the pages of your book.

4. A ruler. A ruler is needed to mark how far in to fold some pages.

5. Skoth tape (optional). Used to hold down some pages.

6. Scissors (optional). To cut template when it can't fit in the book, or you can just tear your template.

Step 2: How to Start.

Once you have your template printed off, that's when you can start.

First, you take your book and figure out where you want your heart. If you want your heart directly in the center of your book, then you must count the number of sheets in your book. My book had 145 sheets so I needed to find the center. Since you need 70 sheets, then I subtracted 70 from 145 and got 75. Then I divided 75 in half and got 37.5. Since you can't do that, just round off one page so you're at about the center.

Step 3: How to Start. Pt. 2

Copy and paste your template. Then print out your template.

Step 4: To Start Folding. Pt. 2

When you have your template where you want, you align the edge of your first page to the front of your first dark line. Then to start folding!

Step 5: How to Fold

The way to fold the pages is you fold the page 90ºto the edge of the line. When that is done, make a mark to show you have completed that fold. Then move on to the next line.

Step 6: How to Fold. Pt. 2

Once you get to three folds, then that when you do another fold. On the next page, you make a mark 1 1/2 inches in from the side of the page. You then fold that page to the mark. Then you continue ongoing every three pages, then fold the page 1 1/2 inches in again. Once you get to where your template can't fit in your book you can cut it to make it fit again. You then continue on until your heart is done.

Step 7: Optional Steps.

Optional step 1 - When you get to the center of your template then switch to the other side there is a step that you may or may not do. When I was on the right side of the template, I was folding the paper to that side of the book. Then when I switched to the left side of the template, I started folding to the left side of the book. This step is optional because I felt the pages looked off when they were all facing the same way, but again remember, this step is just optional.

Step 8: Optional Steps. Pt. 2

Optional step 2 - when you have the folded laps after the three pages that you fold they appeared to me that they stuck out, and caused gaps between the other pages. So what I did was I got some Skoth tape and just taped the pages down so they wouldn't be a bother.

Step 9: Optional Steps. Pt. 3

One last step that I decided to do was add two more 1.5-inch folds to the book. I added one in the front of the heart and one in the back. The reason being is to make the heart look like it fully protruding from the book.

Step 10: Finished Project

I hope you had fun making this project because I know I did. This can be used as a decoration or given as a gift to someone special. Thanks again for learning how to make a protruding folded book heart with me!

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