Introduction: Protype for a Bat Detector Using SparkCore and Internet Button

In this instructable I describe the first step of my project: an automatic bat scanner and logger connected to the internet cloud.

The first step is to create a bar graph that resets after a while - indicating bat activities. We'll set up the Spark Core to count button presses and display them on the SparkButton LED bar graph.

I assume you are already familiar with the Spark Core, programming Arduino, etc.

This instructable was created during the Instructable build night at the dorkbot meeting Aachen.

What you will need:

  • a Spark Core connected to the Spark Cloud
  • a Spark Core internet button v1.0
  • an account on the Spark web

Not part of this tutorial yet:

  • Bat detector itself

Step 1: Get the Code and Load It

  • open the Spark web IDE
  • create a new app "proto1"
  • copy the code of the attached file into the web IDE
  • add library "SparkButton"
  • compile and flash to the Spark Core

Step 2: Test It

  • start up the core -> the LED stripe blinks and goes blank again
  • now press button 1 a couple of times -> the LED bar lights up more and more
  • the bar is cleared every 10 seconds, then you can start over again