Introduction: Prowler

This is a funny creative skateboard


double arrow

Step 1: Make Bearing Plate

Select appropriate basic shape to make bearing plate,Here I chose cycloid as the bearing plate .Set it to the right shape

【 500 mm lang and 210.25 mm wide and 12mm tall】

Step 2: Make Wheel and Connecting Shaft

The wheel and connecting shaft should be combined with the most basic shape. Set the appropriate size and combine them

【206mm long and 50mm wide and 65mm tall】

Step 3: Make Arrow

Select the hollow arrow as the head and tail of the skateboard and adjust the size of the arrow,

【280mm long,170mm wide and 40mm tall】

Step 4: Make Screw

Select the tube to make the screw that holds the connecting shaft to the plate body from the front

Step 5: To Make It Smooth

Choose the hole of the cube and the edges and corners of the smooth slide body of the four quarter cylinder

Step 6: Group

Align and group all shapes and finish the skateboard making

【950mm long,210.25mm wide and 90mm tall】

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