Introduction: Psychometric Hand Using LED Effects

Introduction: Psychometric Hand is made based on a Korean drama show named “He is Psychometric”. In the scene of this drama, the protagonist can use his hand sensories to read one’s memory. While he uses his hand to read other people’s minds, electrical signals pass through his hand, which is what I have imitated in this project. Using wires and LED lights I've modeled out this effect on my psychometric hand project.


1. Arduino Leonardo board

2. Breadboard

3. galvanized iron

4. wire White and Blue LED x 5 (total)

5. Jumper wires

6. Scissors

7. Lineman Plier

8. Solid-core jumper wires

9. Registers

Step 1: Making the Fingertip Coat

Take one strand of the galvanized iron and wrap it around itself like a pattern on the snail shell and press it onto your finger so it can fit on the top.

Step 2: Iron Wristband

Take another strand of the galvanized iron to measure and make it around where it can embrace your wrist.

Step 3: Connect Your Psychometric Hands

Take another strand of the galvanized iron and connect the two ends on to the fingertip coat and the wrist iron band you just made in the previous steps.

Step 4: X5

Continue the previous process for all 5 of your fingers.

Step 5: Add LED Lights

wrap the led lights onto the wire hand and connect it through jumper wires to the breadboard and Arduino Leonardo board.

Step 6: Connect

Connect all the accessories and wires from the hand to the Arduino Leonardo board and breadboard.

Step 7: Creating the Code

Write the code and send it onto the Arduino Leonard

Code here:

Step 8: Final Step

Plug in your USB cable and get ready to read people's minds!