Introduction: Public Speaking

First thing you should do before you even go on stage is of course... mostly memorize your speech so when you go up there you can confidently look around at the audience.

Step 1: Projecting

Projecting isn't screaming at your audience, it speaking loud enough that the front and back of the audience can hear you well.

Step 2: Eyes and Ears.

When giving your speech you wanna make sure you have your audiences attention. If there fidgeting or whispering to others, use some of the methods you will learn later to try to re-capture attention. Also ears are important if your talking about a controversial subject. You may want to hear others opinions before anything so you let them know there a part of the conversation. Remember you have 1 mouth and 2 ears. if you have issues looking people in the eyes, try looking above there heads! People will generally think your looking at them and then you won't feel so nervous.

Step 3: Hands

#1 rule of a speech. Don't point at someone unless your calling on them after they had raised there hand. This can cause them to feel threatened by your speech or most likely others will feel left out. When presenting try to have these simple tactics:

Palms up: invites the audience(questions/comments)

Palms down: Good for quieting down the audience.

Step 4: Posture:

Stand straight and tall to let the audience know your interested in the subject your presenting.

Step 5: Legs

A tactic to get the audiences attention back might be to step toward a audience; can also be used to emphasize a point.

Step 6: Tips:

Pay attention to surroundings, if the audience is squinting in the sunlight, move out of the way to keep them from being distracted.

Sometimes having a game or an activity,(or even questions/comments), can help your audience not get bored with your subject.

When presenting a slideshow, don't turn back and forth from the screen to the audience, try putting the computer in front of you to read.


Give yourself a pat-on-the-back because you, with a little bit of practice, will deliver the best speeches around!

Step 8: