Publish a Ring Chart on Your Blog

Introduction: Publish a Ring Chart on Your Blog

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Show your friends a live custom Ring Chart.

Step 1: Select a Chart Template

Search for ring charts at

Select the 3D Ring Charts Dark template from the search results list.

Step 2: Show Titles and Legend

Expand Title & Legend sidebar tab.

Turn Title, Subtitle, and Legend switches ON.

Step 3: Show Data Labels

Expand Labels & Interaction sidebar tab.

Turn Data Labels ON, Inside Labels OFF, and Percent Labels ON.

Click Update button to refresh the page.

Step 4: Locate Your Custom Chart

Scroll to the 3D Doughnut - AnyChart chart.

Expand the View button menu.

Click on the Embed menu item.

Step 5: Copy the Chart Code

Copy all text from the Embedded Chart popup.

Step 6: Paste the Code Into Your Blog Post

In your blog post, in HTML edit mode, paste the code you copied before.

Publish or Preview your blog post.

Your custom Ring Chart will be rendered - LIVE! - in your own article!

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    4 years ago

    Not necessarily. But a pie chart itself it is considered by many experts today a bad way to represent data :)

    The Ring Chart is a variation of a Doughnut Chart, with a whole in the middle. What I like about the Ring Chart is its minimalist approach: you don't need a large area to distract, when you represent data.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Interesting. Do you think that a ring chart is a better way to illustrate the data than a regular pie chart?